Today, your potential customers are using traditional media sources less – and using the Internet more to find your services. In fact, over one billion local searches take place every month online – and this number is growing over 50% every year!

In addition to having your web presence in all the right spots online, you need to get your message where your customers are – that means where they go for local information. This Week in Wimberley is that source!

This Week in Wimberley is where your audience goes for news & events in Wimberley!

Available marketing options:

Top marquee banner (600×125 pixels – 1/10 rotated on all pages) $125/month (animated)
Top marquee banner (600×125 pixels – 1/10 rotated on all pages) $95/month (static)
Right sidebar banner (125×125 pixels – 1/20 rotated on all pages) $50/month
Left sidebar banner (125×125 pixels – 1/25 rotated on all pages) $35/month

People living in or interested in visiting the Wimberley area see your advertisements at a fraction of the costs of local print media.

To discuss how TWiW can get your message out either email or call 713-269-4620 and we will get you started. Block clients of our parent company, Fresh Media Works can market on TWiW at a 75% discount – ask how.

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