Welcome to This Week in Wimberley.  At TWIW, our aim is to help assist in sharing information about the great people, events, places, etc. in our great city.  TWIW is a production of Fresh Media Works, a locally-owned and operated service company dedicated to helping clients bridge the gap from old-school marketing to the innovations of new media and social networking.

TWIW is of, by, and for, the people of Wimberley, Texas.  If you have news about our city that others would like to know – use this as a way to get the word out to your neighbors.

How can you participate?

Contribute – You can email info@thisweekinwimberley.com to send press releases or comments about the site.

Share the news – tell all your friend, post links to interesting segments on facebook, twitter, you name it.  Help us get the word out and help us make this a great spot to gather everything you need to know about Wimberley.

Support – if you are interested in helping to underwrite the production costs of TWIW, contact us.

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