Where in Wimberley? photo contest series

Posted By on December 10, 2012

Okay, we are going to start this off very easy.  Where in Wimberley is this photo?  Post your comment on the site or on facebook!

photos around wimberley, texas

Look for more “Where in Wimberley?” pictures.  I assure you the future ones won’t be so easy.  While you’re out and about in our great city – take some WiW? photos yourself and submit them to info@thisweekinwimberley.com.  Here are some guidelines for what makes an acceptable WiW? photo:

  • There should be enough surrounding detail to give clues as to the location (a closeup of a water glass on a table will not be enough info to guess a photo was taken at Mima’s)
  • All photos should be taken of publicly accessible places (a cool water feature in your back yard may look cool, but it is unlikely that the average resident or visitor to Wimberley will guess it)
  • Send in the location description with every photo (these will be verified before posting as a new WiW? photo)
  • Have fun… be creative… show off the cool, hidden gems of our city and surrounding areas!

Get snappin’

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